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G4 Synergetics believes significant unmet demand exists for its nickel metal hydride battery technology due to the following:

Power Delivery: Our unique battery architecture has inherently lower internal resistance and thus has the ability to deliver extremely high current drains.

Recharge Rates: Reduced internal resistance also allows our batteries to be charged more quickly than conventional battery constructions.

Less Heat Generated: G4 Synergetic’s reduced internal resistance translates into less waste heat generation during charge and discharge. This benefit is of significant importance to application designers. Excess heat dramatically reduces battery cycle life. Battery system designers must engineer ways to alleviate this waste heat and often incorporate a separate and expensive cooling system.

Safety: Many high power applications today have turned to higher energy chemistries, such as Lithium-Ion, to compensate for the energy and power losses of their battery assemblies. G4’s superior battery construction optimizes performance by minimizing cell connectivity losses allowing a safe nickel metal hydride chemistry to be substituted.

Environment: When compared to lead-acid batteries, the G4 NiMH battery design does not contain the lead inherent therein. As designers substitute the G4 design, reducing the use of heavy metal lead is a plus to the environment.

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